Long story kind of short... I graduated with a BFA in Photography from the University of Georgia in the early 2000's before digital cameras were rampant. In the darkroom we watched our images come alive. I enjoyed making prints and developing negatives while listening to local bands. Athens, Georgia was such a cool place to spend my college years and young adult life.

Fast forward about 17+ years or so from my lovely college days and creating my photography business in Athens... I now live in beautiful Bradenton, Florida with my man Walker Howle (amazing musician and architect), our daughter Sonny Bunny Biscuit, and beautiful black lab Doctor Howle. I'm still going strong with photography and enjoying every minute of it.

My style is a mixture from a fine art / editorial focus at UGA, combined with technical skills from studying commercial photography at Gwinnett Tech, 6 years of working at a high end portrait studio, and lots of my own experience. I'm thankful for every moment and love the variety I get to capture. Photography has always been my career, passion and obsession.